Rural Women Liberation Movement

This movement specifically focuses on the rights of women in three districts. There are 9085 members. The movement has been addressing the violence against women, the denial of opportunities for women and voicing for the comprehensive rights of women. Out of the 9085 total members 320 women contested for the local self governance election and 225 of them were elected in the recently concluded Panchayat election. While cherishing this as an achievement more than 200 women elected representative are controlled by the male members of the family. No woman is given representation in standing committee of Panchayat.

The family cards provided to the women do not have the women as head of the families. The denial of basic amenities like drinking water, road and bus stop bring difficulty to women than their male counterparts. Majority of women laborers are not enrolled in the welfare board. The survey disclosed the fact that 3800 house wives were victims of domestic violence. 3000 women members are victimized under the clutches of micro finance. Health issues are very common and the women suffer from white discharge and various diseases due to malnourishment.  More than 5000 women are affected by STI. More than 2000 families do not have family cards. The distribution system is corrupted and joined voices could ensure fair distribution whereas in the other places the irregularity still continues.

220 dowry prohibition cases were referred to proper forums, 280 cases on sexual abuse were booked and legal action were initiated and the accused were punished.  138 cases were referred under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.  50 illicit arrack cases were got solved. 240 women members were elected as members and presidents in  the village Panchayat.  380 women members were provided house site patta. Minimum Wage has been increased and equal wage is ensured in 200 villages. Common and Government land is assigned to the women members. 70 cases of girl child sexual abuse has been prevented. Efforts were made to reduce the impact on Globalization, Privatization and Liberalization in the working areas. Movement has facilitated to emerge women leaders at micro and macro levels to lead and take up women issues and get them solved. Women members also effectively participated in the decision making processes at the family level as well as at the Panchayat level.

Domestic violence’s are still prevalent among the family members of the movement. Gender and caste discrimination is existing in the processes of implementation of MGNREGA. Sexual violence, Patriarchy, binami post in Panchayat are important issues facing by the women members. Health status of women is in pathetic condition in the working area. The functioning of PDS shops and the supply of essential commodities are need to be monitored.  Strengthening of movement is very much needed since the male members of the family are still controlled and the micro finance practices are diverted the members from right based approached.

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